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Disney Heroines 

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Had my second graduation this week! :-)

Had my second graduation this week! :-)

"We grew together, laughed with, cried to, supported, fought with, and loved each other so. And somehow she means even more to me now than she did then. It only gets better. I’m so lucky to share so much history and so many memories with this amazing woman" 

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A lesson on premature celebrations.


John O’Callaghan + dancing like an idiot

Think we can go to Florida/Warped

Just depends if we can find a decent hotel that we can actually afford!

Big problem though- it won’t let us buy Warped tickets for Orlando online because we’re in the UK.

Anyone have any suggestions??

angelthevampireslayer said: Not sure yet. I work a ton. But if not I can try to get you and a friend into SeaWorld or universal or something :)

Ahhh that would be awesome, you’re amazing! I hope you get to go! Is it likely to sell out or can you leave it until the day to decide? :-)

I just won’t give up on persuading people to come to Florida/Warped. I feel kinda bad about being so persistent and not letting people say no, but they’ll thank me in the end!


Margaret Cho for Miss Representation (x)

TW: eating disorders, negative self-talk

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